Shop the trend: Mob Wife

What is the Mob Wife aesthetic?
The "Mob Wife aesthetic" trend is a fashion and beauty style that gained popularity primarily through social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. This trend emphasizes luxurious, bold fashion statements. Think statement jewellery, satin dresses and fur coats. The style is unapologetically glamorous and over-the-top, reflecting a lifestyle of wealth and excess.
Step into the world of high drama and bold style with our latest blog post, where we unravel the secrets to mastering the Mob Wife trend using key pieces from Native Youth's stunning collection.
This trend, synonymous with luxury, confidence, and a touch of rebellion, is perfectly captured through Native Youth's carefully curated pieces.
At the forefront is the Tetia Longline Coat, a magnificent blend of mixed sherpa and faux fur in an elegant off-white, embodying the luxurious and commanding presence central to the Mob Wife aesthetic.
Next, we introduce the Gia Textured Satin Shirt in a striking cobalt blue, paired effortlessly with matching wide-leg trousers. This ensemble, oozing sophistication and a daring attitude, becomes complete when accessorized with statement gold earrings, a staple in any Mob Wife's wardrobe.
And for those cooler moments, the Bouca Jacket steps in. Crafted in patterned boucle sherpa fabric, it's not just a warm layer but a fashion statement in itself, reinforcing the trend's emphasis on opulence and fearless style choices.
Join us as we delve into how these pieces from Native Youth can be styled to channel your inner Mob Wife, blending contemporary fashion with the unapologetic glamor of this distinctive trend. Shop the full womens collection here