Shop the trend: Eclectic Grampa

What is the "Eclectic Grandpa" trend?
The Eclectic Grampa trend in fashion refers to a style that blends traditional, vintage-inspired elements often associated with older generations (like grandfathers) with eclectic, contemporary touches. Embraces and reinterpreting retro and vintage aesthetics, this trend is a playful and nostalgic nod to the past, mixed with a modern twist. The Eclectic Grandpa trend is about blending eras and attitudes, resulting in a unique, personal style.

Dive into the charmingly nostalgic yet refreshingly modern world of the Eclectic Grandpa trend with our latest style guide, featuring standout pieces from Native Youth. This trend, a delightful amalgamation of vintage flair and contemporary cool, is all about embracing the sartorial wisdom of yesteryears with a twist of today's fashion sensibility.
Leading the charge is the Meester Floral Jacquard Padded Jacket, a stunning piece that perfectly encapsulates the trend with its padded funnel neck and heavyweight floral tapestry fabric – a true nod to the old-school yet with a distinctly modern edge.
Complementing this statement jacket, we have the Stine Cargo Pocket Trousers in a luxe brown hue. These trousers are the epitome of comfort meets style, featuring a relaxed straight leg fit, practical patch cargo pockets, and a hidden drawcord waist, effortlessly blending the practicality of the past with today's relaxed fashion standards.
 And to tie the look together, the Mimosa Printed Shirt is a masterpiece in its own right, boasting an abstract patchwork print in autumnal colours. Made from sustainable Ecovero viscose fabric, it not only speaks to the aesthetic appeal of the trend but also aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious fashion choices.
These key pieces from Native Youth can help you master the Eclectic Grandpa trend with flair and sustainability in mind. Shop the full mens collection here