Grown without the use of toxic pesticides or fertilisers organic cotton emits to up to 46% less greenhouse gases than non-organic cotton. By using this material we are able to save energy and water which helps to combat climate change. As of 2018 all of our menswear t-shirts have been made from 100% organic cotton.


An estimated 1% of materials used to produce clothing is recycled into something more, with one truck full of textiles being sent to landfill or being burned every second.

To prevent this we use this an opportunity to use recycled materials where possible, utilising what is already in our environment and what would otherwise become waste.


2.5% of the world’s water is classed as freshwater, with the majority of this being frozen or six feet underground. It’s important we consider our water wastage, because if we fail to do so, the planet could run out of fresh water in the next 25 years. The average t-shirt from crop to online shop takes around 2,700 litres of water to create, which is the equivalent of what one person drinks in 2.5 years.

At Native Youth, we reduce water usage in two highly impactful ways. The first being, we always try to use recycled material which needs almost no water to become a new high quality material; secondly, in the production process, we work with factories who have the latest water saving washing technology. Which is very important as when you combine recycling with clean water technology, we can reduce water usage as much as 95%, which amounts to a substantial 2,500 litres of water saved for every t-shirt we make.

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