NY x Chloe & Jordi Pt. 2

Native Eindhoven

Name: Chloë Alyshea & Jordi Bombeeck aka Bien Philty

Age: 26 (C) & 28 (J) 

Following on from Part 1 of our SS17 preview with Dutch creatives Chloe Alyshea & Jordi Bombeeck, we speak to the couple to find out more about their Native city of Eindhoven and how they balance eachother out in their working relationship. 

What do you do and why do you do it?  

I’m an independent digital creative. I turn my love for writing, photography and social media into digital content for different fashion clients. From being a social media manager to content creator or online marketing specialist, I like every part of it. And next to running my social media business I’m also blogging on un-cluttered about minimal fashion with an urban vibe. And lots of sneakers of course. My boyfriend Jordi is a graphic designer & illustrator. Together we make websites, webshops, concepts or corporate identities. In his free time he draws under the name of Bien Philty, where this fantasy world becomes art with his illustrations. 

Chloe wears The Equinox Jumpsuit

How did you guys meet?

We met at a party in our hometown Eindhoven, almost ten years ago. We were eyeing at each other for the whole night, but none of us dared to start talking. I came across his profile the next day (Facebook or Instagram didn't exist at that time) and we finally started talking online. The next months we saw each other almost every week at parties, and so our love started to grow. We found out we both lived and grew up in the same area. His house was literally around the corner. How weird is that! And now 10 years later, we’re still going strong <3 

What are each of your strengths? How do they help you work well together when you are collaborating? 

We compliment each other really well. While I make the content like pictures or copywriting, my boyfriend takes care of the design part. He builds the website, does the logo-work, and translates our concept to an identity. And for my blog I teached him how to work with my camera in a technical way. Luckily he has a good feeling for compositions and all, so I can let him do his thing while I’m standing in front of the camera. It always feels really natural to be working together. One word is enough. While everyone is saying things like never work with your partner, because it will ruin your relationship, we don’t have any problems at all. It just works for us. 

Jordi wears The Avon Crew

What would you recommend for an Eindhoven first timer?

Eindhoven is a really innovative city. First of all it’s the city of light, where Phillips started to produce its   first bulb lamps back in the days. This part of our history is still visible. The old Phillips area is now turned into a creative place, called Strijp-S, where the factories are being used as living spaces with industrial lofts. Its also the place for young creatives and small start-ups with an interest in design and technique, due to the renowned Design school and Technical University. Here you can always meet up with inspiring people, in an inspiring environment (lots of lunch places, a skatepark, film house and cute shops). And every year Eindhoven hosts the Dutch Design Week, which is a perfect shot for inspiration.  

How has growing up in Eindhoven impacted your style?

I’m not sure if Eindhoven impacted my style over the years. The fashion scene is really small, all eyes are on design, not fashion. I think cities like Berlin, Rotterdam, Antwerp and London have had more impact, due to the streetwear scene you will find over there. Since I’m with Jordi we travel to these places as many as we can, and thats where we learned everything about streetwear and sneakers. I do have to say I always had this fascination for oversized clothing and sneakers since I was young already. But the cities we visited over the years definitely helped the fasination grow. 

Who do you think dresses well?

Model Veneda Budny is one of my fave dressed people. But overall I like it when people don't get bound by restrictions like gender or trends, but just wear what they like. For me its the most important thing to feel comfortable in the clothes you wear. I will always choose sneakers over pumps, oversized over tight, and jogging pants over dresses. 

What does the future hold?

At this point I hope we will expand ‘the family’ with a Shiba Inu pup. It’s a long time dream to have our own dog, especially from this Japanese breed. Unfortunately it takes patience to get one due to waiting lists at official breeders, so I hope this dream will come true very soon! And next to that I have plans to travel more or even live abroad, and do the things that makes us happy. Keep working with my boy on cool projects, and stay independent. 

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