New Partnership - Treepoints

Proud to be an Official Treepoints Partner!

Lots of us are already avoiding plastic straws, sorting our recycling, and having the odd vegan meal, but how can we make a real meaningful difference in the fight against climate change? From this question, Treepoints was born.

A cause close to Native Youth, we are excited to be partnering with Treepoints to have a planet positive impact with every purchase - meaning, every time a purchase is made through Native Youth a tree is planted. The projects Treepoints selects to invest in are all verified to the highest standard, and have a positive impact on global sustainable development as well as reducing CO2 emissions. You can read more about their projects through their website!
Tree Planting
It’s no secret that trees are one of the best tools we have for fighting climate change. Not only do they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, they also prevent the spread of desertification, replenish the soil, and provide homes for wildlife.
Treepoints plant trees in Haiti, Kenya, Mozambique, Nicaragua and many other countries around the world. This makes sure that the positive work of our partnership is spread as widely as possible. As well as taking CO2 out of the atmosphere, our tree planting schemes provide important socio-economic benefits for communities. This includes creating steady employment with a fair wage, which allows people to afford to buy medicine, to build houses, to send their children to school. These projects are all managed and closely monitored on the ground by Eden Reforestation Projects.  
Eden carefully monitors all of their projects to ensure their continued success, not only guaranteeing the trees aren’t chopped down, but that they also deliver the intended additional sustainable development benefits for local communities.
Treepoints donates on our behalf to the best carbon reduction projects around the world. We only support projects that have been verified by an independent, internationally recognised standard, including Gold standard and the Verified Carbon Standard. This means that every project has gone through rigorous scrutiny to ensure that carbon reduction projects reach the highest levels of environmental integrity and contribute actively to sustainable development.
Proud to be Planet Positive
Because we’ve signed up with Treepoints,  Native Youth are now the proud owners of a Planet Positive badge and all of our activities are displayed on Treepoints showcase page, keep track of our impact here. From now on you’ll see this displayed on our website and on communications from us.
We’re excited to work with Treepoints. To help fight climate change we're all going to have to work together, and this is an important first step.
Get involved
One of the great things about Treepoints is it’s not just for businesses. Individuals can sign up too to offset your carbon footprint with a small donation every month. You get regular updates on the projects that you’re supporting, your own progress, and plenty of advice on living more sustainably.
Head over to their website or check out their Instagram to find out more.