Native Paris

Native Paris

Name: Daisy & Geo

Age: 27 & 40

Representing Paris, Daisy & Geo are next up in our Native series. We caught up with the couple and found out a little more about their inspirations and favourite things about the city they call home. 

Daisy wears the Arista Overcoat and Ivy Pant, Geo wears the Daneside Shirt with Astbury Pant

What do you do and why do you do it?

Daisy : Sales and Business Engineering with a Master 2 degree. I’m now actively looking for the best job fit for me.

Geo : I’ve been working as Area Manager for an international fashion brand for the past 8 years.


If you weren’t doing that, what would you do?

Daisy : I used to be a professional dancer. I wish i could still be one, as well as a full time model.

Geo : I would love to manage a big sports team.

What excites you about Paris?

Daisy : The vibe, the people, the fashion, the culture, the parties… everything actually!

Geo : The energy and the mystery of the city, its toughness, its diversity and its beauty.


Has living in Paris impacted your outlook on life?

Daisy : As people say: Paris is the city of fashion. I get inspired every single time I walk in the streets. Fashion is everywhere: Hanging out is such eye candy!

Geo : Paris totally shaped my personal style and the way I consider fashion. Not only thanks to the big fashion names and brands but also thanks to the streets, the suburbs and the sports I practice.

How about your style?

Daisy : It’s a mix of genres, styles and generations. I like to have a crush, it helps me being in harmony with myself. I also like mixing shapes and volumes.

Geo: Mine is based on volumes and the general harmony of my figure. It is defined by life, sports and the street. But at the same time, my style consists also in not really having one.


What’s your favourite Native Youth piece?

Daisy : My favorite item is definitely the Black Altair Puffer Jacket! I want it so bad, I’m dying to get it! Pure 90s style. I love this mix of a bomber jacket with a kimono collar and a Moncler.

Geo : After light bomber jacket!! I want one in my size!

Daisy wears the Aster Shirt with the matching Pants. Geo wears the Apex Parka


Who do you think dresses well?

Daisy : Geo? Haha! Since we’ve been together our style has evolved with our couple. So we influence one another. Sometimes we even dress the same, which is a real problem!

Geo : It’s very hard to style someone. But it’s a significant part of my job and I enjoy trying to quickly figure out people so I can get them out of their comfort zone. It works, sometimes ;)

 If you could change anything about Paris, what would it be?

Daisy : I would like for people to let go. Both in their style and in their life! People here need to party more and be more friendly!

Geo : I would love to break down the walls between people in Paris because they are actually very fun once you get through them.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Daisy : Live your life as if you were going to die tomorrow.

Geo: Keep calm, you’re able, you will succeed


What is your greatest accomplishment so far?

Daisy : Our couple and everything we built together. And my studies!!!!!!!!!!

Geo: Trust the future with my boo Daisy on my side :) 

What does the future hold for Dasiy & Geo?

Daisy : I’d like to slowly settle down with a stable job… and a baby? And maybe one day open a multi brand shop such as Colette! Haha Future will tell.

Geo: I want to reach a professional stability, develop Thenilookatyou and make a baby!! :)


Make sure to follow Daisy and Geo on Instagram @thenilookatyou

Photography by @anael_boulay 

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