Tobi Sunmola

Native Manchester

Name: Tobi Sunmola

Age: 24

Next up in our Native series, is local boy, Tobi Sunmola. The musician has been making noise on the Manchester scene recently with his poetic, earthy vocals and unique visuals and we can't get enough. Find out a little more about Tobi in the Q & A below where he discusses Manchester's influence on his music and reflects on his journey so far. 

Tobi wears the Storm Sweat under the Sapodilla co-ord


How has growing up in Manchester impacted your outlook on life?

I think for me I have the same but different view of Manchester compared to most of my peers. For me, Manchester has been my land of opportunity. It’s shown me true diversity and what it means to embrace different cultures and people just as the people have embraced me.

How about your music?

With music, I believe to be Mancunian is to be different and unique to you. I believe subconsciously the city (Manchester) has shown me to take pride in who I am and express that through my music.

 How about your style?

Manchester is filled with different styles and looks but I’m really down with the vintage casual look. I’m a very casual chilled guy.

What is your favourite Native Youth piece?

The Exmoor Embossed Jacquard Stripe Top is my favorite at the moment.

What excites you about Manchester?

I believe that Manchester is a gold mine waiting to be found in terms of the music and creative coming out of the city right now. It’s the best I’ve seen in my time and I just hope we all keep believing in ourselves and keep pushing.

Tobi wears the Limmen Coach Jacket over the Sinharaja co-ord

If you could change anything about Manchester, what would it be?

I’d have more people believe in setting up businesses and invest in record labels/distribution companies here rather than feeling they are to move to London to be successful. I’d also build more platforms for artistes to connect directly to the world via social media etc.

What advice would you give your younger self?

You good my g. Stop overthinking everything and just set plans and meet deadlines. And also don’t be afraid to express who you are, That’s where your treasure lies.

What is your greatest accomplishment so far?

Performing at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

What does the future hold for you?

I’m working on more music and focused on evolving. I leave the rest to God.


Keep an eye out for Tobi's upcoming project 'Good Guys Don't Survive' and all other music here

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