SS16 | Inspirations

Inspired by the revolutionary, avant-garde Cubist artistic movement, our SS16 collection exhibits mark making, abstract and hand drawn style techniques throughout our print and colour pops. With its roots in Paris, the movement began gathering momentum in the early 20th Century, headed up by art legends Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, who wanted to break centuries of tradition with radical, abstract works. To reflect this, our SS16 collection is packed with conversational prints and off beat design details.

As Picasso said, “Youth has no age,” and at Native Youth, we take great pride in our design ethos, creating timeless pieces that do not exclude any age group. To the team, ‘youth’ is the philosophy of always embracing new opportunities and refusing to succumb to complacency.

For the SS16 collection, we’ve used a combination of materials including seersucker jersey, coated chambray, and lightweight rayon.  As part of the range, our classic Indigo jersey, has been freshened by quirky jacquard techniques and splashes of orange tones, while the outerwear collection boasts an array of summer brushed bombers and classic summer macs.


Navy, white, and grey, complemented by contrasting colour bursts and bold prints, are at the heart of our SS16 colour palette, creating a harmonious aesthetic. With bold floral Sashiko, kiwi and Shibori gingham prints, this summer’s collection has huge hanger appeal, both instore and online.

For the collection, we collaborated with textile and print designer, Lauren Bouch, to produce the lookbook art direction. We were drawn to Bouch’s expressive style, and use of unusual mediums to create large scale artworks.

During the lookbook shoot, Lauren Bouch simultaneously created multiple paintings on 8ft canvases, inspired by the movements and prints present within the SS16 collection. The SS16 collection launches on Native Youth mid February.