Ace Henderson x Treee City - Tidal Wave video is now out and available to watch. Native Youth had the honour to feature this new track in our AW18 look book and we can't get enough. 

Treee & Ace sat down and asked each other a few questions for Native so we could get the scoop on the new track and what they both have planned for the rest of the year. 


TreeeCity: Is Tidal Wave about a real person?

Ace Henderson: Have you ever seen (John Hughes’) Weird Science?

So pretty much these teenage-dudes are in their basement, foreshadowing the future of teenage-dudes, trying to design their perfect babe into a computer. the movie...lightning strikes the computer and now Digital Bae™️ exists IRL and these dudes have shenanigans on their hands.

Stay with me here.

So pretty much I was in the middle of some other recording sessions and I was tired of working with the textures I was using. I wanted to party, but I also get bored at parties bc people don’t dance lol. So

I wanted to make a song for the shy peeps in the back of a party to hear this and bop along and maybe they’ll lock eyes with their new! Hopefully they share some chili fries together after the function. That would be tight. And maybe there’s a birthday crew of girls getting ready to go out, and in all fairness, their pleasure comes from seeing themselves in the mirror because maybe a few years ago they HATED that reflection. Those are the real people I made this song about. And 17-year-old me.



TreeeCity: If there was an Ace Henderson flavour Rap Snacks, what flavour would that be? (Note UK spelling)

Ace Henderson:  I’d probably make a plain flavour but, I’d make a special seasoning packet, so people could dictate how zesty they wanna get. It’d be an ode to Ramen & a neat way to use that standard air bubble that comes in chip bags.



TreeeCity: What’s next from Ace and Treee?

AH: Mmmm that’s a tough question, but I look forward to what God has planned for me. I’d assume that we’ll be touring or doing shows and releasing more music...? Idk.

I’ve been getting prepped for my next project.



Ace Henderson:  when did you know that you wanted to be a professional beepboop man?

TreeeCity: Professional? You mean they pay people for this? But seriously I started playing guitar in 6th grade, and then got Fruity Loops in 10th grade and started making electronic music. Then when I was in college I borrowed my friend Cade's SP-303 and that's when things clicked, and I started playing shows. After I moved back to Durham I started performing as Treee City and people seemed into it, so I've just kept pushing it since then. Mostly just trying to keep it exciting and interesting to me and see what I can get away with.

AH: what’s your favourite part about making music?

TC: For me it's the moments when I can get out of my own way, let the music come from somewhere else and just enjoy it. Also getting to share that feeling with people and having them react to it is straight up magic.



Ace Henderson:  what’s your favourite thing about our track?

TreeeCity: The chorus. It's such an earworm, when you sent me the first vocal cut I played it really loud over and over in my kitchen and cussed a lot.



TreeeCity: What was your song writing process for our song?

Ace Henderson:  I was at the end of an Autumn session, it was like 4a.m. and I was relying on muscle memory to make a reference track of just the “two step to a groove like this” because I was TIREDDDD and trying to dodge the flu man. Recording a lot during the Autumn/Winter will mess you up bad because the temperature drops.

I went outside to walk to my car, and Kobe Bryant appeared in my mind like, “if you leave this studio and record a verse, don't bother coming back. don’t bother getting upset about anything. you walked away under your own will!”

I love Kobe Bryant so much and all I could think about was him, in a gymnasium at the crack of dawn, honing his craft, and instantly I turned around and ran back to the desk haha.

My process for writing songs isn’t hard at all. It’s the detail and the nuances of the actual recording which I love. I was so energized, I stayed up until the next day recording a couple versions of Tidal Wave until I was comfortable with sending the demo and everything kind of hit hyper speed from there.



TreeeCity: What’s one of your musical goals for 2019?

Ace Henderson:  If I tell might ruin the fun! :) So far, I’m enjoying the journey.


Watch our AW18 look book featuring Tidal Wave by Ace Henderson & Treee City

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