Native Youth x David Gant

It’s hard not to fall under the spell of David Gant’s charm. After forty years of stage and screen work, embodying over 200 characters in classics such as Braveheart and Brazil, Gant has acquired an abundance of fascinating tales, charisma and allure.

We were very excited to shoot the 72-year-old alongside 21-year-old Jake Baratt for our ‘In youth we learn, in age we understand’ Spring Summer 2015 campaign. It's fair to say that David more than exceeded our expectations; not only were we dazzled by his personality, but also his infectious energy and sharp footwork.

We are enormously proud to have Gant represent Native Youth for the season of SS15, we caught up with the effervescent gentleman after the shoot to find out a little more about him- any excuse to speak to him again!

 You shot our SS15 campaign a few weeks back, a massive thank you David! How did you feel being asked to represent Native Youth?

I felt privileged. So excited to be part of the shoot and also the anticipation of what I would be wearing. Doing the shoot in Manchester was a bonus -- love the City!!

The day went so well, what was your favourite part of the shoot?

Actually the whole day. When you work with a great team it's the answer.
Also, being shot by Elliot - he is super to shoot with.
I loved the studio space and last but not least, dancing with Penny! (Native Youth designer)


So David, you shot alongside the lovely Jake, at 21 do you have any advice for Jake? Any gem of wisdom you’ve learned about fashion and showbiz over the years you can pass on?

Jake was a joy to work with, a real pleasure.
I have no advice, other than -- be yourself.  You are who you are and that is your greatest asset.

You’ve acted, you’ve modelled, we’re pretty sure we heard you singing a little on the shoot, any other talents you're hiding in there David?

I love to dance, I play the piano and before I became an actor and a model I was a banker for 14 years.

 Your favourite piece from the collection?

I am spoiled for choice, here goes…the olive parka jacket. If you want a second choice ----- mono print swim shorts, over the head football jacket and sandals and Infact the whole ensemble!!!


You and Penny got pretty low with your dance moves during the shoot, what’s your favourite song to jam to?

James Brown – ‘I FEEL GOOD’  and Amy Winehouse – ‘REHAB.’  I can dance to almost anything.  I was working in Hamburg just over a week ago and visited The Cotton Club.  There was a swing quartet playing --- my feet were tapping, the temptation to dance was overwhelming.


Lastly, what’s next for you David…..any exciting plans in the pipeline? I’m sure we’re already pretty jealous!

 I was in Barcelona recently celebrating my birthday and I have just returned from Milan doing a shoot for a luxury retailer.  Off to Hamburg again to attend a film premier and there are one or two things in the pipeline.