Native New York

Native New York

Name: Austin Willis

Age: 23

Representing New York City, Austin Willis is next up in our Native series. We caught up with the creative during our most recent trip to NYC and found out a little more about his inspirations and favourite things about the city he calls home.

Austin wears The Youth Tee

What do you do and why do you do it?

What is it that I do? Hmm little bit of everything paint, photography, graphic design; I do what feels right for me to express the story I want to create but none the less to box it all up with a bow-tie I’d say I’m a contemporary artist. I do these cause only way I can see me living my life it’s my sense of balance and tranquility.

If you weren’t doing that, what would you do?

Life works in funny ways does it, before I was focused on a career in art. I was a track and field athlete in college while studying to be an athletic trainer/ physical therapist. So maybe I would be doing that still but who knows.
What excites you about New York City?

Always new adventures to be found and inspiration to acquire. From the people you meet to the random things that always happening in the concrete jungle. Its restless.
Has living in New York impacted your art?

Living in New York has definitely impacted my art because it has challenged me to grow as a human being and figure out lessons in this thing we call life and in turn as I grow, my art grows as well.

How about your style?

At first when I moved here yes cause I thought, I had to be more fashionable or try new things but soon I realized I just had to be true to myself and wear what I was most confident and comfortable in.

Austin wears The Aster Shirt

What’s your favourite Native Youth piece?

Not sure if I have one favorite piece but I always love most the button up shirts.
Who do you think dresses well?

Man this a loaded question there so many people out there that dress so dope and its beautiful to see how person stories reflect through someone’s style.

Austin wears The Fragment Shirt

If you could change anything about New York, what would it be?

Hmm, more nature, fresh seafoods, and better produce. Being from California I was kind of spoiled with those.
What advice would you give your younger self?

Keep following your heart and do what makes you happiest no matter if people disagree or don’t understand just stay true to yourself.

What is your greatest accomplishment so far?

Being able to have the ability to create and express myself.
What does the future hold?

Who truly knows we plan and we all have goals but everyday is its own journey so those plans and goals are always shifting.

 Keep up with Austin on Instagram @Visualsbywillis

Photography by @davidgurzhiev

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