GALENTINES EDIT ft. Madam X & Meme Gold

What better excuse than Galentines Day to meet up with, Madam X and her main squeeze, Meme Gold.

The BFF's are both boss ladies in their industries but still make time to support eachother. To celebrate Galentines Day, we caught up with the duo to chat friendship, girl power and first impressions. 

Read the Q & A below:

What do you do and why do you do it?

Meme: She is a DJ and I am one of Manchester’s finest designers slash garms dealer, occasionally styling if you pay me 

Madam: I like music, I run a record label called Kaizen because it’s a nice outlet for the music that I like. Meme makes clothes and styles people – she is pretty good at it!

Where did you guys meet?

Madam: In my house, Meme came to one of my house parities. I don’t think we actually spoke that day, but you stayed over.

That leads to our next question, was it love at first sight?

Meme: I think we both just assumed that we were already friends by that point because we knew the same people and had seen each other so often.

Madam: We were mates by default.

Madam: The time we spent the day in bed eating a whole rotisserie chicken and watching Spice World solidified the friendship.

Is there any iconic TV/Movie duo that you think represents your relationship?

Meme: I reckon we could be like the brothers in the Arrested Development. I would be Jason Bateman and you’d be Gob. You would be like the dosey one and I would be the really sarcastic dry one.

In what ways do you help each other out?

Meme: In so many ways. She is my biggest PR person, I don’t have to sell myself and she’s like “I got you ten orders today!

Madam: For one, she did my makeup today. Meme is good at making me feel good about myself and being body positive. She helped me learn how to love myself, in many ways.

What else have you learnt from one another?

Madam: How to own my shit and be proud of it.

Meme: Knowing my own value, she definitely pulls me up on that quite a lot – like value yourself appropriately and then some. I always let myself down with that but she is always like ‘No! This is what you deserve, stop selling yourself short’ so I am like, ok.

How would you describe each other’s style?

Meme: It’s definitely improved from when I first met her. When I first met her she has a feather hair extension and these awful grandad glasses.

Madam: Haha! It was my friends brand and I still have those grandad glasses

Meme: Your style has definitely matured and you have come into your own in terms of knowing how to show off your womanliness. If I was to describe it, I would say powerful and pink.

Madam: Orange and gold.

What do you find inspiring about each other?

Madam: Her talent. She is good at making clothes and it is inspiring to watch her do it, she makes some really interesting things.

Meme: Her determination for sure, she is on it with a sick business mind. We could take a little bit from each other, she’s talentless and has a business mind and I’ve got all the talent with no business mind ;)

Madam: We should just morph into one person

Meme: We should! How hot would we be!

Madam: Madam Gold

Meme: Noo Meme X


What is your favourite thing to do together, what would you do for Galentines day?

Meme: Netflix and chill

Madam: Eat chicken.

Finally, what is it that you like about Native Youth?

Madam: The fact that your trousers actually fit me! It’s so hard to find stuff to fit my figure, because I am curvy -people don’t think about curvy women. But all your stuff actually fits me will, so that’s why I wear all your stuff, all the time.

Meme: I am really into the colour palettes and I like that its different and not the same sexy fast fashion that I see all the time

Madam: and that you put MC Fox’s tune on your campaign!



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Shot by Phia Dwyer