Ady Suleiman Interview

With his new single I'll Wait For You dropping last week and his UK tour kicking off in October, there is no slowing down Ady Suleiman. His R&B & reggae infused vocals have been essential listening for Summer 16.

We kitted Ady out for his latest video in our SS16 Ink Blot Shirt and caught up with him afterwards to find out a little more about the Nottingham native.


Well done on the EP, it’s been a solid part of our playlist in NY HQ for a while!

You look like you are enjoying yourself in the video for I’ll Wait For You, where did you shoot and what was the inspiration behind it?

Haha yes thank you. It was a lot we shot out in Cape Town, South Africa it was a mad one. It's a pretty simple concept basically me playing a street party in Cape Town and there is tiny narrative with a couple who come to the show if you have seen the Maria Maria - Santana video that was a reference ha I love the 90s but yeah I think with this song I wanted it visually to be more about vibe than narrative because I think if you portray the song meaning in the wrong way could have a super cheesy video so was important to focus on vibe rather than plot.

We can hear clear R&B and reggae influences in your sound, who would you say are your three biggest influences as an artist?

It's a weird one because people probably won't get it but my biggest inspiration is Jimi Hendrix just because without him I would never have fallen in love with music in the first place. Though I wouldn’t say my music sounds like his ha.

Second is Amy Winehouse she is my biggest vocal inspiration and really inspired me to pursue music as a career and make the music I want - not to compromise.

Third is a tough one but it's probably Bob Marley or Stevie Wonder. Bob because well, it's Bob. He was basically all I ever knew about Reggae music for a very long time and Stevie again, its stevie lol tune after tune and vocals are unbelievable.

Joey badass is on the EP, how did that come about?

I was working in the same studio as him in LA and he stumbled across some of my stuff in one of his sessions and started tweeting my lyrics. Which I was stoked about. So when I wrote what's the score I reached out for a feature and he went for it which was fuckin doooope ha. Shout out to Joey.

You are playing in Manchester in a few weeks, have you spent enough time in the city to get a feel for it? Any favourite spots?

I haven't spent as much time as I would have liked to there that's for sure. Seems like a vibe only spot I really know is northern quarter, that's where we always scary out for food in terms of night life I'd need a tour guide for sure. Any takers?


What’s is your favourite gig that you have attended, is there one that stands out?

Pfffft I mean there's so many ha ermm I would probably have to say Giles Peterson World Wide Festival. One of the nights at the Théâtre de la Mer, I think 2014, I was watching Ebo Taylor perform followed by Theo Parish and I can't remember who opened but Laura Mvula played that weekend and Taylor McFerrin, it was all a blur but every single act was incredible and the whole weekend just blew me away. I'd try go every year to that festival.


You are rocking our Ink Blot shirt in the video, it’s clear you aren’t scared of a print. Do you feel like growing up in Nottingham has had any impact on your style?

Ooo good question you know what I have no idea. Maybe sub-consciously like there is great mix of people and styles in Notts, the vintage shops there are wicked, I always pick up bits from there and there is a big skate scene. I defiantly love and am inspired by skate wear so yes I guess it has.

What’s one thing about you that might surprise us?

Ha erm I've never listened to Prince or the Beatles or Michael Jackson like probably you know and that's weird.


You’ve had a busy year, any highlights so far?

Shooting Wait for you video in Cape Town. Definitely the best experience so far but it's been a great year and had lots of amazing experience but flying to such a beautiful country to shoot a video with a great team of folk just tops it.


Finally, can you give us 3 songs to add to our office playlist?

Wait for you, Running Away and State of Mind

Jokes erm , it keeps raining - Fatima, reality check - Noname feat Eryn Allen kayne and give me a try – Sizzla. All bangas.

Check out playlist as well on Spotify if you ever get stuck filled with bangas Ady Suleiman – ‘Pickamix’

Catch Ady perform in Manchester's Neighbourhood Festival on the 8th October as part of is UK tour.

Stay up to date with Ady Suleiman on his SoundCloud | Twitter and buy a copy on iTunes